Cartridges – beyond pleasurable Dream Smoke Cartridges!

menthol and tobacco together at last

Monthly Cartridge Delivery

All right, you like to be consistent. We get that. We do too. So here’s our offer: Let us send you the exact number of e-cig cartridges you want, each and every month. Then you won’t have to come back here all the time. I mean, we like that you visit us, but we know you’re busy. So we’ll not only give you exactly what you want, we’ll also give you a discount!

FROM: $36.00 / month Email for more info and like Dream E-cigs & smoke


Refreshing Menthol

Fresh minty menthol, no nasty smoke. It’s summer: the sun’s warm, the water’s cool, and you’re enjoying all of it. Now, what goes better with summer heat than mint? Mint juleps, mint ice cream, and the minty taste of menthol e-cigarette cartridges… Perfect for all the moments of calm in your summer. Summer’s short; enjoy it while you can.

only$15 Email for more info and like Dream E-cigs & smoke


Traditional Tobacco

All the traditional tobacco taste you love, without a single lungful of smoke. You’re modern with just the right amount of rustic. You’d Instagram from a cabin in the woods. But it wouldn’t be a shot of your breakfast; it’d be the orange-brown leaves falling all around you, as you sip coffee and inhale the deep tobacco taste of our traditional e-cig cartridge.

only$15 Email for more info and like Dream E-cigs & smoke


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